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Are you sick and tired of being sold down the river by Republicans and Democrats whose first loyalty seems to be to their party and to their own pockets rather than to the very Constitution they took an oath to support and defend?  Do you think the American Ship of State is sinking?  Do you think it's going to take us all down with it?  Are you interested in a party that reflects YOUR views instead of politically correct social engineering schemes of all stripes?  Please consider helping us build an alternative to politics-as-usual.  For now, we're simply building a mailing list.  Sign up today, and we'll send you a confirmation e-mail, so you can opt-in - we don't ever want to send spam mail to your account.

The Lone Star Party will be built around these fundamental positions:
  • Protect our borders!  If the USA continues to refuse do so, then we'll do it ourselves!
  • No more gun control from the federal government.
  • No more immigration from foreign countries until we get things under control.
  • No Sharia Law in Texas!
  • No voting or other benefits for ANY aliens - they aren't citizens, they don't vote!
  • No more federal restrictions that are not explicitly authorized by the US Constitution.

And failing all of that, we favor a referendum allowing the People of Texas to express their desire to withdraw from the Union, and return to a sovereign republic.  We believe that it is a fundamental right of all people to determine their own political future.  While divorce is always painful, sometimes it's the only alternative.  While we prefer to see the the USA return to Constitutional government, we are convinced it's not going to happen, and are prepared to see Texas go it alone, or to go with other States seeking a restoration of freedom and of constitutional restrictions on the national government.

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We need your name, your e-mail, and your county of residence.

If you are interested in working to help build an INDEPENDENT political party in Texas, please send us an e-mail telling us how you would like to help.  We are not accepting donations at this time.